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This contest is finished.
We will be glad to see You next time!


Contest starting
— 2020.03.16
The last day for uploading
— 2020.07.20
Winners will be announced
— 2020.07.22
Age Requirements
— No age requirement
— Any
Charge a fee
— Paid entry

Salon organized according to international standards


  • City

  • Event, people

  • Portrait

  • Children

  • Landscape

  • Nature

  • PhotoArt

Photos mustmeet the following requirements:
1. The required format of JPEG, 8 BIT, RGB, 300dpi, with the big side of max. 2600 pixels.
2. The application for entrance assumes the thorough agreement to the Salon conditions and regulations.
3. Photos selected to be printed for exhibition display in size of 30x45 cm. and placed in an album of the best competition photos, that receiving every participant.

General rules:
1. The application must include personal and professional data of participant, contact details.
2. Participation is paid.
3. Images with added framework, backdrops will not be accepted.
4. In images should not be visible name of photographer, agency or publications (this information may be included in the image metadata, but should not be visible in the image).

Closing date – 14th of July, 2019
Judging date 16-18 of July, 2019
Opening and awarding ceremony 23 of August in Rivne House of Cultur

Opening of the exhibition and awarding of participants will be held on 23th of August



Alexander Kharvat (Salon Chairman), Rivne , MFIAP, NSPAU  

Boris Buhman, Odessa, NSPAU

Mykola Bendyuk, Art expert (National Ostroh Academy)